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VITAL is a business excellence platform for the Custom Integration industry. The VITAL Method has helped over 300 Custom Integrators optimize their business using technology, benchmarking and personal guidance.

The VITAL Method

Establish your foundation

Compile and analyze all your financial data, organizational systems and business plans. Use this information to form your baseline of where you are now.

Plan for profitable growth

What does your data tell you about your business today? What are your goals for tomorrow, in 6 months, 2 years and long term? what is your market opportunity? Where is your company deficient and what additional resources do you need?

Review and adapt

Analyze your new data and see what worked and what didn’t. You now have new opportunities to address and plan for. You have established a new foundation from which you will accellerate your growth.


Decode your business metrics with our online course.

 You don’t have to be an accountant to see how trends and key performance indicators can work to your advantage.

Opportunity Analysis

Benchmark your company’s performance against hundreds of other CI businesses with our Opportunity Analysis.

We are equal parts CFO, Mentor and Accountability Coach.

 We are here to sit down with you to understand and accomplish your business goals.


They really had us open up the hood in ways I hadn’t before. They helped me understand our target market, our ideal customer and all those differentiating factors.”


Fernando Callender
CEO of Haven and Wire

Featured VITAL Teammates

Matt Bernath

A new member to VITAL, Matt Bernath sold his company which gave him the opportunity to write the next chapter of his life and career. The core values of integrity, hard work, and focus have been the foundation of his success and will continue to solidify his accomplishments into the future.

Paul Starkey

VITAL is the creation of Paul Starkey, a 23 year custom Installation Industry veteran in the residential home systems business. His keen insights, innovation, and creativity have been recognized by many in our industry.

Steve Firszt

Steve Firszt, Vital’s President & COO, is an accomplished business coach in the custom installation business arena. Over the past twelve years Steve Firszt has helped 240 companies improve their operating performance. He has developed a proven system for effecting the bottom line which is the foundation of the VITAL System.

Jeremy Burkhardt

Jeremy Burkhardt, Founder of Origin Acoustics was the CEO, architect and co-founder of SpeakerCraft, Inc., once the world’s largest manufacturer of architectural speakers and custom installation products.

Jeremy, has brought his insights and expertise to VITAL, where his expereince and knowledge will be shared, in the hopes to elevate the entire Custom Integrator industry.

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VITAL Relaunching

VITAL has unveiled a new logo and branding for their future business practices. Be sure to subscribe for any new updates.

CEDIA 2021 Announcement

Matt Bernath and VITAL will be at the CEDIA EXPO this September 1st, 2021, in Indianopolis Indiana. VITAL will be hosting some one on one coaching and meet and greets with Origin Acoustics All-Stars.

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