12 Month CI Business Mastery Class

Adding value to your dealer relationships

When Dealers Win – You Win 


✔ Lack of a repeatable business system holds most CI business back, affecting the whole industry.

✔ We are offering your dealers a 12-month series of webinars to shift this paradigm,
at no cost to them.

✔ Only proven industry thought leaders are being invited to participate.

✔ Our unique system creates a stronger business partner and expands the potential
growth of any integrator. When this happens, we all win!

12 LIVE Webinars – Starting March 9, 2023

Updated content for 2023/2024!

1 – Growth Mindset
2 – Accounting, it’s more than you might think
3 – CI Profit Math & What’s Possible
4 – Profit Levers in the CI Business
5 – The BIG two: gross profit & payroll
6 – What about customer deposits &

7 – Optimizing Tech Productivity
8 – Sales comp plans that work
9 – Can I overhead myself out of business?
10 – Optimizing the CI business model
11 – Key management practices that drive
the profit culture.
12 – Driving accountability in your company.

How to Participate

  • Become a Mastery advocate (twelve
    spots available).
  • Invite your dealers to sign up for the Challenge.
  • Provide a :30 second video ad or LIVE 3 min presentation during your featured month.
  • Get visibility throughout the year through branding & press releases
  • Survey participants for market insights about your brand or category

The Details

  • Our 12 Mastery advocates will pay $3,000 each to participate.
  • There is no charge to your dealers.
  • Brand logos on all webinar and related materials
  • Invitees sign up on VITAL web site. Dealer will indicate their sponsor.
  • Recorded sessions available that will provide additional long-term brand exposure

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