Back from CEDIA? Here’s your next step →

September 12, 2023

CEDIA Expo might be over (cue the CEDIA hangover!), but it’s just the beginning for the insights and connections you made.


Instead of letting all the ideas and connections you made sit dormant while you settle back into your routine, channel that energy into something powerful: implementation.


How? Here’s our five-step process. 

  1. Reflect: Take a moment to reflect on your CEDIA Expo experience. What were the pivotal moments? How can you tailor these insights to your business? Framing these takeaways to identify actionable next steps.


  1. The One Thing Rule. Choose one next step that resonates the most and commit to making it a reality. Remember, one impactful change can outshine a dozen half-hearted attempts.


  1. Craft a Plan: Transform your chosen idea into an actionable plan. Break it down into stages, allocate resources, and set clear goals. Remember, even the grandest visions start with a solid strategy.


  1. Execute and Adapt: Execute your plan, but remain flexible. Not every idea will fit perfectly, so be ready to adjust and refine along the way.


  1. Measure Success: Track the impact of your implemented idea. Collect data, monitor progress, and analyze outcomes. Use these insights to determine the real-world effect and whether further adjustments are needed.


Remember, CEDIA Expo was not just an event – it was an opportunity to transform your business. Now it’s time to use your newfound knowledge to drive positive change. 


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Matt & the team