Want to boost employee engagement? Build a healthy financial foundation.

August 1, 2023

Employee engagement is an underused but massively impactful lever to achieve business success.

Because when your team is invested in your business, productivity improves, customer retention and satisfaction soars, and your reputation gets a boost.

In short, engaged employees feel fulfilled, driving the business further towards its goals.

But how do you actually engage your employees? Start with a strong, healthy financial business foundation.

Because when you start with a healthy financial foundation, you have the resources to:

  • Establish a positive work environment. Encourage open communication, be transparent, celebrate achievements, and provide ample growth opportunities.
  • Empower your team. When people feel trusted to take over their role, they’re more engaged in their work, so set clear expectations, include them in the decision-making process, and give regular feedback.
  • Create work-life balance. Happy, healthy employees are ready to show up every day and make it the best. Whether it’s through flexible hours, physical and mental health resources, or company wellness programs, creating a work-life balance shows your team you’re invested in their well-being.
  • Build strong team dynamics. Strong connections create a sense of teamwork and belonging among teams, even if they don’t work together every day. Lean into team-building activities and collaboration across departments so employees can share knowledge and support each other.
  • Be an effective leader. Many of these elements start from the top, so lead by example. Create those strong relationships, be collaborative, have work-life balance, and show your team you’re there for them.

At VITAL, we spend our days teaching companies how to create and analyze data to make great decisions, so what’s all this employee engagement talk?

Making great, data-based business decisions will lead to improved financial success, allowing you to invest in the leadership of your company, attract the best talent, and provide growth opportunities necessary for those A-players to stay on the team.

In other words, it’s a win-win for everyone. 

Want to go deeper? Vistage Worldwide digs deeper into 5 ways CEOs can increase employee engagement in this article. And when you’re ready to build that healthy financial foundation and create true employee engagement, drop us a line at hello@growwithvital.com. We’re happy to help.


Matt & the team

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