Jeremy Burkhardt, founder of Origin Acoustics, sees VITAL as an essential tool for Custom Integrators.

VITAL is Custom Integrators helping other Custom Integrators. It’s a Master’s Class in the Business Management of Custom Integration.

You need VITAL to change your mindest towards your business and overcome your obstacles.

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Reduce the chaos in your life and find some stability.

Good enough is a recipe for longterm failure.

Do you own your business or does your business own you?

We are here to provide the toolkit for your financial success.

The VITAL Method and the Dashboard Toolkit.

Paul Starkey and Steve Firszt distilled their successsful business strategies from years in the Custom Integrator industry into a simple ethos and a business metrics toolkit.

Matt Bernath

A new member to VITAL, Matt Bernath sold his company which gave him the oppurtunity to write the next chapter of his life and career. The core values of integrity, hard work, and focus have been the foundation of his success and will continue to solidify his accomplishments into the future.

Paul Starkey

VITAL is the creation of Paul Starkey, a 23 year custom Installation Industry veteran in the residential home systems business.

Steve Firszt

Over the past twelve years Steve Firszt has helped 240 companies improve their operating performance. He has developed a proven system for effecting the bottom line which is the foundation of the VITAL System.

Reach your goals and surpass them with VITAL

Exit Strategy?

Maybe you haven’t considered retirement, but you’ll soon be able to realize a time when vacations are plenty.

Own The Industry

Perhaps you’ve met your benchmarks and now have goals you’ve never imagined. Reach vistas previously unrealized.