7 habits of highly accountable leaders

June 20, 2023


Accountability often carries a negative connotation in the business world, but the truth is when properly implemented, it can be a business gamechanger.


Because when people are accountable, they demonstrate a high level of responsibility, which builds trust between individuals, teams, and the organization.


In short, when people know who’s accountable for what, they trust their team to execute.


If you want to incorporate accountability into your business, it’s up to you as the leader to set the wheels in motion.




Adapt these 7 habits of highly accountable leaders:

1. Lead by Example: Highly accountable leaders hold themselves accountable first, setting an example for their entire organization.

2. Clear and Measurable Responsibilities: These leaders measurably and clearly define each team member’s responsibility.


3. Consistent Constructive Feedback: Instead of allowing feedback to accumulate,  accountable leaders offer consistent constructive feedback to their team members.

4. Fair and Equal Enforcement: Highly accountable leaders enforce the same rules and standards across departments equally.

5. Collaborative Goal-Setting: These leaders involve their teams in setting goals and expectations collaboratively.

6. Proactive Thinking: Accountable leaders think proactively and anticipate potential challenges and opportunities to improve chances of positive accountability.

7. Solution-Oriented Mindset: Rather than blaming others when things go wrong, highly accountable leaders seek solutions and focus on resolving issues.


How do you put these habits into place? Start by holding yourself accountable first, then make accountability a priority within your team.


These two pillars form the foundation for transforming accountability from a business buzzword to a success secret.


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