A Custom Integrator’s Guide to Business Metrics

January 16, 2024

The truth: Many businesses struggle with sustainable financial strategies. That’s where VITAL steps in, simplifying the world of business metrics, and making it easier for custom integrators to make data-driven decisions.


Why Dive Into Data?

It’s not just a business trend; it’s a game-changer. Using data to make decisions helps you understand your finances better, make smarter choices, and tackle challenges with confidence.


Breaking Down VITAL’s Method

At VITAL, we start by digging into your business data. Think of it as taking a snapshot of where your business is right now. Then, we help you set short and long-term goals, highlighting areas that need attention and helping you plan your resources wisely.


Making more money is a topic that comes up frequently in our discussions with integrators; it is certainly an outcome that we are all interested in. Learn more about optimizing profit margins, understanding gross margin metrics, and employing strategic financial management in this article from VITAL CEO, Matt Bernath: Math for Fun and Profit.


Real Stories from VITAL Members

Numbers can be powerful. Watch the video below featuring real stories from VITAL members. They share how metrics transformed their businesses.

Tailored Metrics for Your Business

Ever tried comparing your success metrics with a friend’s, only to end up confused? The VITAL Method sets standard industry practices in accounting, productivity, project management, leadership, bid management, and warranty support.

In our view, business excellence involves systematic approaches, accountability, and keeping a close eye on the numbers. Wondering how to weave these practices into your business? We’ve got you covered.

Embark on Your Data-Driven Journey

Ready to make informed decisions for your custom integration business? Schedule a free 15-minute call with a VITAL Guide – your first step towards a future where your business decisions are rooted in practical data and strategic insights. Dive into the VITAL Method and transform your business today.


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