Our brains are our hard drives. How are you programming yours?

December 6, 2022

With the thousands of CI companies in the marketplace, what makes some break through to major success and others struggle to find their success?

Let’s state it simply: Mindset.

Mindset often gets written off as nonsense instead of a powerful tool for accelerating your business’s growth.

Why? Your brain is essentially a high-powered computer that is taking in and processing information every day of your life. Your subconscious absorbs that information and creates an internal and external dialogue based on that information.

But your subconscious has one job: to keep you safe. Therefore, it typically pours out negative messages, saying that challenge isn’t worth the risk or it’s better to play it safe.

But success isn’t built in the safety zone. You have to actively program your brain to be less fearful in order to achieve a growth mindset.

How do you reprogram your brain (and mindset) to power up success?

  1. Note what your internal and external dialogue are. (This is the easy part.)
  2. Challenge yourself to drive out negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones.
  3. Develop a personal mission statement.
  4. Make decisions, THEN adjust.

So we want to ask you this: How are you programming your supercomputer?

If you aren’t sure, now’s the time to take action. We challenge you to work through the steps above, then meet for coffee with a trusted colleague or friend to discuss your mindset for the new year.

Don’t just think about it. Talk about it out loud and take action.


Matt & The Team


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