The Power of Peer Groups: Community and Collaboration for CI Business Owners

October 5, 2023

In the fast-paced world of Custom Integration (CI) businesses, staying ahead of industry trends and overcoming unique challenges is a constant endeavor. It’s a journey that often feels solitary, but it doesn’t have to be. Enter Edge Peer Groups – a game-changer for CI business owners seeking a supportive community and collaborative environment.

Fostering a Community of Like-Minded Leaders

Edge Peer Groups are gatherings of eight to twelve CI business owners who come together on a regular basis, forging connections that extend far beyond business transactions. These groups create a safe space for open dialogue, where experiences, challenges, and triumphs are shared without reservation.

Shared Experiences, Collective Growth

One of the most significant advantages of participating in Edge Peer Groups is the wealth of knowledge and experience that is exchanged. Picture this: an integrator from the East Coast collaborating with another from the West Coast, each bringing their unique perspectives and regional insights to the table. The result? A comprehensive view of industry trends, challenges, and solutions.

Unearthing Blind Spots and Solutions

Running a CI business can be exhilarating, but it’s not without its blind spots. These are areas where improvement might be necessary, but it takes an external perspective to identify them. Edge Peer Groups serve as a sounding board for business owners, offering invaluable insights that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Accountability and Growth

Accountability is a cornerstone of success, and Edge Peer Groups provide just that. When you commit to a group of peers, you’re making a pledge to not only share your challenges but to actively seek and implement solutions. This culture of accountability propels business owners forward, ensuring that goals are met and growth is sustained.

A Collective Journey Toward Success

While every CI business is unique, there are universal principles that guide success. Edge Peer Groups facilitate the discovery of these principles through the collective experiences of its members. It’s a journey of shared triumphs, lessons learned, and insights gained, all contributing to the growth and prosperity of each participant.

Beyond Business: Personal Development

In the world of CI, personal and professional growth are intertwined. Edge Peer Groups recognize this and provide a platform for both. As a member, you’re not only enhancing your business acumen but also developing as a leader, mentor, and visionary in the CI industry.


The power of Edge Peer Groups lies in their ability to transform the CI business landscape from one of isolation to one of community and collaboration. Together, CI business owners are rewriting the narrative, reshaping their businesses, and redefining success. It’s not just a group; it’s a movement towards a stronger, more resilient CI industry.

Join an Edge Peer Group today and embark on this transformative journey of growth, collaboration, and community. Your business, and perhaps even your life, will thank you for it.

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